My best friend, M, was visiting this past week and she got to stay with us for a good long five days. I took both jobs off, we went out with so many different people to catch up, to hang out, to eat good food and have good times.

And I realized, I rarely do this when she’s not here. I certainly go out, but not usually to hang out, to be poured into, to laugh and love with the people who love me right back. I’m usually going out with my family (which is a BLAST), going out to work, or going out with people that I love, but the friendship is more like a mentor or counselor than equals who can both pour out and be poured into by one another.

It was like dusting off my ability to socialize and have fun, free from the pressure to always have the words. It was really lovely. And I should do things like that more regularly. Pouring into others is great, definitely something we should all do when we can. But if I’m not being poured into by people as well as my King, then what do I have to give? I’m a lot happier when I’m maintaining these healthy friendships, truth be told.

And if I’m sticking myself into my own world, always working or counseling, then what am I doing to continue moving forward? So guys, pursue new things, yes. Work your butts off if you have to. But really. Make time for people. For friends. For fun. Because these things are just as essential as a clear direction, if not more so.

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