Listen to logic.
Listen to hope.
Listen to wisdom.
Listen to God.
Listen to your true wishes.

I’m serious, listen. And yes, listen when others are counseling you. Even if you don’t agree, do listen. Giving the courtesy of listening to them doesn’t mean you must take the path they say you should.

I’m a believer in the fact that, though money and having it is great, if one is happy and poor, they’re better off than someone else who is rich and miserable. You could be earning a million dollars a year by manually making grey cement bricks every day for 15 hours. It’s something you detest, but you have a lot of money.
Or you could be doing something like…I don’t know, painting. Maybe that is truly what makes you feel alive. And you get a decent little sum for work done, but nowhere near a fortune. And yet, living with what you need, making do, and doing what you love, you are happy. I truly believe there are desires and talents that God has put in us, for specific purposes. Providing for a family or even just taking care of yourself is definitely important, and good stewardship. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But we shouldn’t make securing the highest paying job our main goal.
I think that if we were truly seeking Him and truly doing what we found we loved, we would truly be right where we were supposed to be, regardless of how much money we made in being there. We would be most effective, we would be most happy, and we would be fulfilling the things God put into us from the start, I think.

**shrugs** Just my two cents.

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