Hurricane Fare

Below is the first meal my family ate after the power was knocked out by Sandy. I’m not meaning to brag or anything, either. This is another perk of living at home. My mom was utterly prepared in (amongst many more)  the way of having food, so much so that our first meal in the dark and the cold was hot, because she’d made and kept it in the crock pot. I am convinced that if we had been powerless for a lot longer than three hours, or even longer than three days, we would have done rather lovely, actually. Both my parents were thoroughly prepared for the storm. Through just that one thing, a crock pot meal, my mother’s preparedness not only helped me  immediately, but I was given help for later. I’ve seen ways to prepare for terrible things carried out faithfully in front of me. I know how. If you’re living at home, it’s a good time to observe, ask, and store away things for later.

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    It was quite delicious!

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    It was quite delicious!

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