Prince Charming

The best thing to wake up to is your soft lips pressed against mine.

My favorite thing, first thing in the morning, is to open my eyes and see you lying beside me, your perfect freckled face dappled in the sunlight streaming through the window.

The most beautiful sound in the world is your voice, soft and deep, strong and full of comfort, as I lay my head upon your chest and hear your heart beat.

The most beautiful sound in the world is your laugh. To hear you full of joy makes my heart swell with happiness.

My favorite thing is to look into your eyes. They are blue and green and clear and deep and full of love and joy, mischief and laughter, sparkling with all the life you bring to the world.

I dream about your eyes.

I dream about kissing your lips, your mouth warm and gentle against my own.

I dream about staring into your kind and sparkling eyes, falling more in love with you with my every breath.

You are my favorite. You are the best. You are everything and more that I want to wake up to, that I want to hear, that I want to see, that I want to spend the rest of my life falling deeper in love with you.

You are the beauty in every moment, the joy in every snapshot memory. Your laugh, your eyes, your jokes, the feeling of safety and surprise at once when you pull me close and kiss me like your life depends on it.

You are all of my favorite parts of this life.

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