Moving Forward

Honesty time!
A few weeks ago, I believe sometime in late January, I JUST finished my last math credit for high school. Not cool that I was still doing it then, but VERY cool that I now have it done. I wasn’t that late because it was hard, either; I was late simply because I procrastinated.

But now that load is at last off my shoulders.
And I feel like now I CAN move forward. I still don’t know entirely what I want to do, but everything seems so much more attainable, so much more exciting, and a lot less like catch-up work. Which is a wonderful thing.

The youth at my church seem to be pulling together.
Or rather, I’m finally jumping on board and trying to be a part of things I formerly let fall away. I don’t quite know why. But I kept a sort of distance from the young people in my church. Except for my best friend. I wonder if I kind of thought they’d all eventually leave our church, and only my best friend would stay anyway? Anyway, I like them. They’re a very cool bunch of people. Cool things are happening. And big stuff is coming. Not from us. From God. Something’s brewing.

And I am so excited.

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