In regards to my last post, which wasn’t very thought out.

Sometimes, no matter if you’re the six year old who wants to play in the street, the 18-year-old who wants to strike out solo and head far away, the 40-year-old who wants to give up…sometimes, we must all be thankful for no. Whether no comes from a wiser parent, a knowledgeable friend, a loving spouse, or the God who understands everything, no can be good.

No is not always a roadblock. No is not always a setback. Sometimes no simply sheds light on the wrong path. No isn’t a direction, but it is an answer. 

And that’s what I asked for. An answer. 
I am truly thankful for no, because even though it wasn’t what I wanted, it still gave me light. It still was an answer.

Especially when one is trying to compose the idea of what they’ll set out in life to do, one really wants answers. And you must be ready for real answers, not just the ones you want or think you want. 

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