Got time? Take a Hike.

This conundrum was on my mind recently, actually.

My family has taken many a lovely, leafy hike, often in the midst of the beautiful fall colors. Now that I have my own driver’s license and of course, some extra time to pursue such adventures, I realized I might be mistakenly taken for an out of town “leaf peeper”. This thought had never before occurred to me, but apparently I want people to know that this is “my” state.

Though I’m not one of those who profess to have been here for generations, I have grown up here.
get to complain about the sticky summers, get to shovel the mountains of snow, and get to enjoy these leaves. I guess I feel that that gives me some sort of ownership over the changing trees?

Then again, I’m a sucker for meeting people from far-off lands (such as any state that is not mine), and I certainly get that chance when I go hiking with the leaf peepers.

Maybe they’re not so bad after all.

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