A mix

Scrolling Facebook and I see decade anniversary posts for acquaintances, happy they have fallen in love and been bold enough to keep it. I see pictures of kids the kids I grew up with have had, as they love on them and let them play in the rain. I see pretty dresses I’d like to own, and little jokes about how times have changed and now you don’t cut out friends from the photo, you just hit “unfriend”. And then I see a post thanking everyone for coming out to Concord, especially one church for organizing the event and one for running it. I see the unfortunately familiar banner, the colors stolen from a movement far older, a movement crying for a shred of human decency, visibility, and love.

But they stole it. And they think it’s a good thing. I scanned the pictures, trying to see if I knew anyone involved. Trying to see who I knew that might being cruel to the one I love most without even stopping to think that they might be.

I searched in a sort of wary state, hoping I wouldn’t see a face I recognize but almost knowing I would.

I didn’t.

And I am so relieved. And still sad.

It’s weird.

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