That word has such a negative connotation. But what other word sums up crumbling of everything you saw the world through, the subsequent tearing down of what is left of the rubble, so that you can see all the damage, ask all the questions, seek all the truth? The really hopeful thing, I think, that people who shy away from the word deconstruction should know, is that the thing that comes next is re-construction. Once everything is gone, you can lay a proper foundation. Once there is a proper foundation, you can build up a solid building, one that won’t fall.

The frustrating thing is that this is so traumatic and dramatic and frustrating and non-linear and that it takes so much longer than building a building and that no one, not even me, can give me a timeline.

So that’s fun.

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  1. Andreas Reif Avatar
    Andreas Reif

    It’s really hard. You’re not alone, though. ❤️

    1. Moriah Reif Avatar
      Moriah Reif

      Thank you. <3

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