I don’t know how to feel…

Barbie was really good. I don’t know how a movie about a toy made me start thinking about the entire concept of girlhood, what it means to be a woman, how precious it is, and how there is room for everyone in the room without anyone taking over the room…but it did.

So anyway, enjoy some art I made while listening to Billie Eilish’s song made for the Barbie movie, even though it cuts deep into my heart and makes me feel the sweetest saddest ache about my girlhood growing up but I WILL listen to it a million times on repeat.

So anyway.

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  1. riahscuppa_aqirny Avatar

    Beautiful art. I’d love to know more about the concepts that went into the drawings 🙂

    1. Moriah Reif Avatar
      Moriah Reif

      Thank you! A little deconstruction, a little mental separation of the different people I am or want to be.

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