A Little Taste of a Grand Adventure

I visited the Grand Canyon once before this, just over 10 years ago. It was magical and humbling, a rare chance to be overwhelmed by my own smallness and the beauty of what looks like forever. Ever since then, a little piece of my heart has been hidden in those rocks, and I have been dying to go back, especially with Andreas.

The weekend we got to go was even better. A hailstorm hit us (quite literally) the first day we went out, but even though we were both sufficiently in pain, we were also sufficiently in awe.

The second day, though, was my favorite. The sky is just as big as the canyon, and they both just stretch wider and deeper than anyone could see. Trying to see it all is something I will never tire of. Getting to stay, through the cold, through the sunset, past the dissipating crowds, past the first twinkle of starlight, all the way through to the end, when everyone else had left, when all the chatter had faded, when all the pictures were taken and all the videos made, when it was just us and the stars looking out at that vast and endless beauty? That was a dream come true. To be there with the man I love, the one who I love to adventure with? Beyond magnificent.

Please go to the Grand Canyon and be overwhelmed.

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